When you hire me, you’re not just hiring a broker. Brokers act as intermediaries between sellers and buyers of real estate. Of course, I can act as an intermediary but I also bring over 20 years of real estate experience and my own totally uncompromising integrity to the table. I will advise you on all aspects of your real estate needs, be your confidant and work tirelessly accomplish your objectives. I’ll be right next to you when you decide to invest in that new office complex, when you lease the small retail space and when you’re looking for input on a long term plan. I’ll even be there when you just need someone to make sure your grass gets mowed.

  • Investment Services

  • Leasing

  • Build To Suit

  • Consulting

Investment Services

Any real estate advisor should be a fantastic listener. Why? Real estate investment begins with understanding a client’s needs, goals and objectives. What is it you want to achieve?

Once we’ve worked through your goals, I’m going to help you meet them. I have a strong market knowledge and I understand financing trends backwards and forwards. I’m highly skilled in valuation methods such as income capitalization and discounted cash flow analysis. I pay attention to cap rates both locally and regionally; I have great analytical skills and I’ve created a diverse marketing program utilizing the latest technology. I have an established network of talented peers, knowledgeable investors and top-of-their-game professionals.

I help clients realize the maximum value of their real estate. After years and years in this business, I know that the foundation of effective brokerage is knowing what to do and who to talk to – to get it done!

Services include:

  • Financial analysis
  • User decision analysis
  • Acquisition strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Market analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Internet market access
  • Entry and exit strategies

Are you looking to maximize your real estate investment?

“Scott is easy to work with, personable, professional and he knows commercial real estate.  We have been extremely pleased with our results and would highly recommend Scott.”

Stewart KipschPartner, Lieberman Technology